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With the demand for space and convenience that trees provide, 

we have seen their numbers dwindle exponentially in a short amount of time. 

We are not replacing trees faster than we cut them down leading to a severe shortage.

The risks to our planet, our own lives, and future generations, 

are too great to be ignored. Our children are the future. 

Let us help them sow the seeds of a better tomorrow.

This narrative shows trees from a child's perspective 

and emphasizes the importance of taking action 

to care for our home: Planet Earth.

How It Came to Be

Growing up in the country, trees were our best friends. So many stories and fantasy lands were created by just being around trees. I was so inspired by them and heartbroken each time I saw them torn down. As more people came to our area, more and more trees were cut down to make room for homes, roads, or businesses. You could see the effects of deforestation everywhere. Animals without homes were found at the side of the road or in people's yards. Air pollution began to affect our health. But worst of all, I had classmates and students who had never felt the joy of picking their own fruits from a tree. For some, the only fruit trees they'd seen were the simple apple trees they had been taught to draw in Kindergarten. This simply needs to change. We need to rediscover nature and the freedom it can bring us in the form of health, nutrition, shelter, and creative outlet. Let us instill that love and curiosity for trees in our children. I hope this book is a step in that journey for your own children.

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