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Rejoicing in every minute of this journey

"A Carpenter from Chicago"

Global Music Award - Silver Medal

Background Vocalist

When Donna Scott asked me to sing background vocals for her album, I was thrilled, especially in knowing that my dear friends were participating in the album as well. I was anxious to do my best and make a good impression. Donna is such a sweet soul and was so fun to work with! When the album was finally completed, I fell in love with how it all came out. 

To all the beautiful people who worked on this album, but especially to Jose Valentino and Donna Scott, you are so deserving and it is such a privilege to have worked on this with you. Thank you for trusting me with those vocals and giving me the chance to work with you!

"Children of the World" 

Vocalist from Global Citizen E​nsemble

This year has been full of blessings! Among those, I had the privilege and honor to join the Global Citizen Ensemble as a vocalist alongside many wonderful musicians and friends from around the world.

Amidst the politics of every aspect of life in this pandemic, there are children who are coping with these changes like absolute heroes, and in this album we present to them a way to connect to those around the world in a time when we feel most disconnected. Add the top notch musicians in each song and you’ve got yourself an amazing album to immerse your children in positive, inspiring, and encouraging music.

What a joy to share in the making!


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