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Puerto Rican vocalist, Lisette Diaz, is known for her sultry and versatile vocalizations. She is hailed by many reputable musicians in Orlando as one of the top Latina vocalists whose stylings range from classic boleros, pop, salsa, R&B, and rock. Lisette had a 5-year stint as a headlining singer with guitarist and vocalist, Adalberto Bravo, and other artists at Gloria Estefan's restaurant, Bongos. During the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, she participated in the album, "Children of the World" as a member of the Global Citizens Ensemble in order to bring hope to children in times where they have shown the most resilience. She also received the Global Music Award Silver Medal for her work as a background vocalist in the album "A Carpenter from Chicago" in 2021.

A mother of two boys and one girl, Lisette is a passionate educator formerly working as a middle and high school science teacher. She keeps this passion alive by providing tutoring services as well as youth workshops.

As an author she is dedicated to spreading love and compassion while incorporating diversity both in culture and people with disabilities. Most notably, her book "La Viejita Ramonita" quickly became the #1 New Release title on Amazon, and is a celebration of her Puerto Rican culture. Her second publication, "For the Love of Trees," serves to educate the youngest among us about the benefits of trees to our environment. She continues publishing works and is the Senior Publisher at Dust & Ashes Publishing Company. 

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