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A publisher for the whole family.

Bringing love, hope, and healing to hearts and homes.

Meet the Publisher

Hi! My name is Lisette Diaz and I am the publisher here at Dust & Ashes Publishing Company. Our mission is to bring love, hope and healing to the whole family with a variety of genres. We strive to reach the hearts of those who are paving the way for our future in the hopes that we leave the world a little better than when we arrived.

Current Publications

La Viejita Ramonita: A Bilingual Tale

In Stock

For the Love of Trees

In Stock


Book Launch

Book launches are wonderful opportunities to participate in the growth of a book and its contributors. By participating in a book launch, you are able to receive free goodies and exclusive experiences that come with the first look of a new publication. If you would like to be a part of this experience for any upcoming books, please fill out the form below for consideration.


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Book Signings, School Visits, Book Reading

At Dust & Ashes Publishing Company, we love working directly with our readers! To schedule an event such as book signing, school visit, book readings, or others please click the link below to contact us.

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